Construction Updates

Construction Updates – Thursday, September 21

This week the steel structure for the meeting rooms was erected and metal decking was installed on the roof of the chapel! Today, materials were developed to start building the walls of the chapel next week.

“Topping Off!” – Thursday, September 14

We were so excited this week to watch the installation of the beams signed by parishioners, staff, and our construction team, onto the structure of our chapel! Check out these awesome pictures from the “Topping Off” ceremony. Stay tuned for the installation of the steel for the meeting rooms next week. 

Thursday, September 7

Sign the Beams!

Wednesday, September 6 – Tuesday, September 12 in the Commons

The steel beams for our construction project will be delivered this week and all parishioners are invited to sign two of the beams which will be a part of the chapel.

Parish Meeting

Tuesday, September 12 at 7:30pm

Join us for a parish meeting where we’ll share important information on the timeline of our construction project, a financial update, and ideas for potential renovations of the sanctuary here in our church.

Construction Updates – Thursday, August 24

Concrete is Poured – Thursday, August 17

Despite the rain, good progress was made on construction this week! Waterline work continued, with an expected completion next week; footers were excavated and concrete was poured.

Construction Updates – Thursday, August 10

Waterline work continued in the front of the church while grading and levelling continued in the front and back as we prepare to pour concrete foundations in the next few weeks! 

Construction Updates – Thursday, August 3

Step one of construction can be checked off – demolition and grading in the front and the back have been completed! Waterline work has continued and there are an exciting number of construction vehicles around the construction sites!

Demolition Continues – Thursday, July 27

Demolition continued this week in both the front and the back of the church! The brick wall was removed and sidewalk removed in both the front and back. Work has begun on the water lines in front of the church. Please watch your step as you use the front entrance as there are metal sheets covering the construction area when they’re not in use. Check out these awesome aerial shots of the construction sites and stay tuned for more pictures of demolition next week! Thank you, as always, for your continued prayers, patience, and support!

Construction Updates – Thursday, July 20

You may notice some changes around the front and back of Good Shepherd this week! For the safety of the construction workers and our parishioners, fencing has been put up around our major construction zones, including the part of field, the back, and the patio where the chapel will go. Demolition continued in the chapel area – the narthex wall was finished, the windows in the parlor lounge were removed, and some of the sidewalk was removed. We look forward to seeing more progress next week!

Trees Come Down and Equipment Rolls in – Friday, July 14

Trees were removed from the front of the property and church. While we are sad to see some of our trees go, the wood will be reclaimed for interior projects, and we look forward to incorporating our history into this exciting new chapter of our parish!

Construction equipment is beginning to make its way to Good Shepherd – including a backhoe on the field! You may also notice on your way into Mass that a safety wall has gone up in the narthex as we look forward to work in the front of the church. Stay tuned for those updates next week!

Construction Begins! – Friday, July 7

Fairfax County has approved the permits required for construction to begin and construction is set to begin on Monday, July 10 but preliminary work has already begun. The field and perimeter of the church have been marked off; two of our sheds have found a new home at St. John the Beloved in McLean; and the dumpsters have been moved to the front parking lot.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Thank you to all who joined us Sunday, April 23 for our groundbreaking Mass and blessing! “A major milestone in our parish’s history … breaking ground for a new chapel and meeting spaces!” – Father Tom.

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