Grades 7 – 12

At Good Shepherd, preparation for Confirmation is a two-year process which typically occurs during 7th and 8th grades with Confirmation taking place in Fall of the 9th grade year.

If your Middle or High Schooler has not yet received First Reconciliation or First Eucharist, preparation for those sacraments will have additional requirements. First Reconciliation and First Eucharist will take place in the Spring of their second year of preparation.

Contact Paige Johnson with any questions about grades 7 – 12 sacramental preparation.

Adult Confirmation

For those who are already baptized Catholic, but never received the Sacraments of Confirmation and/or Eucharist, Good Shepherd offers a 10-week session of small group meetings to prepare for these Sacraments. Contact Joan Sheppard for a list of the upcoming sessions.

Confirmation Preparation

2nd Year Confirmation Candidates are required to complete the following elements in preparation for the sacrament:

Confirmation Interview

The Confirmation Interview is an opportunity for each candidate to articulate their understanding of the sacrament of Confirmation, why they want to be confirmed, and how they think God may be calling them to put their faith in action moving forward. Candidates will sign up to be interviewed by their Small Group Leaders in September or October.

Important Upcoming Dates

Reconciliation Service (Confession)

  • ​Sunday, October 3, 7:45 – 9:00pm – Group A
  • Sunday, October 17, 7:45 – 9:00pm – Group B

Confirmation Rehearsal

  • Tuesday, October 26, 7:30 – 9:00pm – Group A
  • Wednesday, October 27, 7:30 – 9:00pm – Group B​

Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation

  • Saturday, November 6, 10:00am – Group A
  • Saturday, November 6, 1:30pm – Group B

Candidates are assigned to Group A or B according to their Small Group

Group A

Includes the following Small Groups, identified by the names of their leaders:

  • Joanne Gemperline/Joanna Melendez
  • Rosie Driscoll/ Liz Yap
  • Annette Weichlein/ Jessica Neibuhr
  • Nancy Fondriest/ Sarah Drake
  • Kathy Santangelo/Anne Grupe
  • Anne Grupe/ Kathy Santangelo
  • Nancy Rosenbaum/ Tracy Inzerillo
  • Edgar Cabanas/ Amanda Espinola

Group B

Includes the following Small Groups, identified by the names of their leaders:

  • Patricia Gonzalez/ Lauren Amparo
  • Dave and Beckie Porcaro
  • Ingrid Sanchez-Seymour/ Rosie Driscoll
  • Dianne Longo/ Robert Gemperline
  • Pete Lynch/ Erin Anne Cardman
  • Melanie Lynch
  • Michael Mergen/Christina Steele
  • Rosie Driscoll (High School Sac Prep Class)
  • Candidates 2020

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