Building Project

Imagine the possibilities with a new chapel for greater opportunities for prayer and Adoration for all parishioners.

  • Architecture and exterior finishes consistent with existing church.
  • Addition of a cross in the bell tower to distinguish the parish as a Catholic Church.                             

Imagine the possibilities to offer families a more intimate space in a chapel for funerals and weddings.

  • Quiet and intimate space for individual and small group prayer and devotion.      
  • Seating for 150 people.
  • Handicap accessible and audio loop for the hearing impaired.
  • Ability to livestream Mass.

Imagine the possibilities of increasing service in the name of God and our Church while taking into consideration our environmental footprint.

  • Sharing Garden will remain for ministries and serve families in our community.
  • Patio for small group sharing, enjoying the Sharing Garden, and nature.

Imagine the possibilities of offering more opportunities for parish, diocesan and community groups to find a home and a place to meet.

  • Dedicated and enlarged space for youth ministry.
  • Flexible space to allow for small and large group meetings.
  • Easy access to patio and Sharing Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the capacity of the new spaces?

    The chapel will seat approximately 150 people. The new meeting spaces will seat a total of 800 people in rows of chairs or 500 people with tables and chairs set up.

  • How and why was the design of the chapel changed?

    As seen in the images above, the new design of the chapel features a lower roof. The lower roof now allows the bell tower to be the focal point of the exterior, we have the option to hang a cross in the bell tower where it could be viewed from the road, and we will save money on utilities in the chapel. Inside the chapel, the ceiling will taper from 9 feet up to the new height of approximately 20 feet which will give a better sense of intimacy and focus towards the front of the chapel with the altar and the tabernacle.

  • What will the inside of the chapel look like?

    As Father Tom mentioned in one of the architect meetings in January, the chapel will have a “contemporary value with a traditional flair,” complementing our current church. Most aspects of the interior of the new chapel, including stained glass, statues, devotionals, etc. are still being discussed. But, we will have more updates and designs to share in the coming months.

  • Has the cost of technology and other equipment been accounted for?

    Yes, we have accounted for costs of things like sound systems, lighting, tables and chairs, and other equipment. We have ongoing discussions on the balance of the budget between technology and the building itself.

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