Diocesan Jubilee

Celebrating 50 Years: Remember. Rejoice. Renew.

As we prepare to mark our first half-century since we were established, the Catholic Diocese of Arlington is embarking on a spiritual and intellectual renewal in the foundational truths of the Catholic Faith. Our anniversary commemoration will begin with two preparatory years, crowned by the celebratory golden jubilee year.

To celebrate our Golden Jubilee there will be a variety of events including symposiums, pilgrimages, conferences, prayer opportunities, artistic performances, and more! Click below for the schedule of events.

The Forty Hours Devotion

Beginning on the weekend of November 27-28, 2021 and continuing through November 2022, parishes throughout the Diocese of Arlington will hold the Forty Hours Devotion.  The celebration of Forty Hours in every region of the Diocese is part of the Diocesan-wide preparation for the Golden Jubilee in 2024.  

At the heart of the Forty Hours Devotion is the Holy Eucharist, the very Real and True Presence of God himself.  Christ our Lord is really and substantially present in this great Sacrament, and through our participation in the devotion we enter his presence, remember the salvation he won for us, rejoice in him, and become signs of his divine renewal in our world.

Good Shepherd will host our 40 Hours Devotion
June 16 – 19, 2022.

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