Walking with Infertile Couples

On the memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, Father Tom reflected on the sorrows of Mary and “among the sorrowful moments in Mary’s life we remember are the sorrowful moments she experienced during the infancy and childhood of Jesus: the prophecy of Simeon, the flight into Egypt, and Jesus being lost in the Temple. These moments in Mary’s life during the infancy and childhood of Jesus remind us of the suffering endured by mothers – and fathers – who are struggling to conceive or are grieving the loss of their children through miscarriage or other adverse prenatal conditions.

Our diocese has recently begun a new outreach to assist parishes in providing emotional, spiritual and psychological support to these couples in need. A new website will serve as a platform where struggling couples may find information on a variety of resources available in the Diocese of Arlington, particularly our pool of experienced mentors and counselors.” Click below to visit the website and learn more.

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